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How To Be Saved and Salvation Prayer

How To Be Saved and Salvation Prayer
by Daniel Duval  Bride Ministries

In order to make a decision for Jesus we must believe that He is the only begotten Son of the Father. When He came to earth He was born of a virgin, being entirely God and entirely man. He lived among us, being tempted in all points as we are, yet untainted by sin. In this way, He became an acceptable sacrifice for the sins of man. God sent Him because He loved the world, and He still does. This means that He loves you, and He sent His Son to lay down His life so that He could restore and fulfill yours!

God was burdened with an unquenchable love for the whole world. For this love, Jesus died an excruciating, reprehensible, and utterly denigrating death. He was beaten and His hairs were plucked from His face. A crown of thorns was twisted around His scalp, rupturing blood vessels so that the blood poured from his head. He was beaten with a cat-o-nine tails: a whip with nine strands often containing shards of metal, bone, and glass. The stripes upon his back were not from bruised or bleeding skin. His flesh was voraciously torn from His back, muscles and bones left totally exposed. After they were finished, the skin and muscle that was still attached to His body hung in ribbons.

Upon this back they laid a cross, forcing Him to carry it alone. As he dragged this cross, the weight pressed into His open body, inserting splinters of wood. When he could no longer carry it, the cross was given to another, yet Jesus was forced to walk the remaining distance to Golgotha. He was dehydrated. As He walked, the blood that continually dripped into His eyes caused severe burning, and the flesh of His back was totally exposed. He did this for you!

At Golgotha, where Jesus was crucified, they laid His body upon the cross naked. They parted His garments amongst themselves. For all of those who have ever been raped, in this moment, Jesus felt that shame. They nailed Him to that cross, placing the nails into the major nerves connecting the hands to the central nervous system. They placed a single nail through both of His feet. His legs were not allowed to hang straight down but were fixed so that His knees were bent at forty-five degrees, causing severe and excruciating cramping in His thighs. His muscles fatigued in minutes, but He continued to live for hours.

Upon the cross, death came by asphyxiation. In the position that Jesus was nailed to the cross, it was impossible to breathe. It was not that He was gasping for air. The position of crucifixion caused His lungs to be maximally inflated with air. He had to struggle to breathe out. Jesus had to drag his back up and down the wooden cross for hours before breathing His final breath. In order to drag His open flesh up the cross, He had to push up on his feet causing his hands to twist upon the nails that were driven through His nerves. Crucifixion placed the body in such a position that the joints of the arm would slowly become dislocated as the victim suffered. By the time Jesus neared death, all of His bones were out of joint, adding literal inches to the lengths of His arms. He did this for you1!

With a face marred beyond recognition, Jesus cried out to the Father, “My God My God, why have you forsaken Me?” He suffered the ultimate feelings of rejection, because when He became sin for us, He had to be forsaken by His Father in heaven. In the end, the internal complications resulting from crucifixion ruptured the heart of Jesus. When they pierced His side blood and water poured out. Jesus died of a heart broken for us. He died that we might live, not only eternally, but also abundantly. He died to give us the very life of God. He is the acceptable sacrifice—the only sacrifice that God will accept for our sins.

In order to be saved we must not only believe that Jesus died, but that He was resurrected on the third day. The victory wasn’t in the death but in the resurrection of Jesus Christ when He arose having all power in heaven and on earth (Matthew 28:18). He later ascended to heaven and sat down at the right hand of the Father, where He remains to this day continually making intercession for us. This is the God that I serve! This is the God of love! This is the gospel of Jesus Christ! The Bible says that if we confess the Lord Jesus Christ with our mouth, and believe that God has raised Him from the dead in our heart we will be saved (Romans 10:9). If you believe this testimony of Jesus Christ in your heart, then you can confess this prayer with your mouth and you will be saved:

“Jesus, I come before you and acknowledge that I am a sinner. I repent. I call upon your name and I ask you to cleanse me with your blood. Forgive me of my sins. I invite you into my heart Jesus Christ. I believe that you were born of a virgin, died and were resurrected on the third day that I might have eternal life. I open my life to you and I ask you to come in and be my Lord and Savior. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen”.

If you just said that prayer, you now also have eternal life in Christ Jesus. When you die, you will immediately be escorted to heaven to spend eternity with God (2 Corinthians 5:8). Also take note of this: leadership may have failed you. However, in Jesus you will find a leader that can never fail you. He will right every wrong, and heal every wound. Your hope and confidence has just been placed in the greatest leader the cosmos will ever know.

1"Final Frontier: The Crucifixion - Medical and Prophetic Aspects - Anatomy and Physiology of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Bible Prophecy fulfilled, and Blood of Jesus Christ on the Mercy Seat." Final Frontier: Home - Home - Free Christian teaching resources from Dr Richard Kent on Life after Death, NDE’s, Creation, Evolution, Crucifixion, Shroud of Turin, Archaeology, Abortion, Rapture, Bible, Money, Miracles. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Aug. 2010.

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Flat Earth vs Spherical has the hallmark characteristics of being an Illuminati created PSYOP

by Carolyn Hamlett

(NOTE: I do have some significant and important first hand experiences from my past in "the organization" which have to do with this present wave of flat earth theories.  I will soon be posting a new blog post to bring out these points.  These points are very important for end time discernment.  You will see what I mean when I get the article posted as to how significant my points are.)

There is a war raging. It reminds me of the Bible story of the “Tower of Babel”, only this time it is Satan doing the dividing.

Where there was once 1 group of people, I now see 6.

Two of the 6 groups are EXTREMISTS who have become so passionate about their views, that their identity has become “flat earthier” or “spherical earthier” defining what they are. 

One of the 6 groups are people who don’t care what shape the earth is. They continue their lives as they always have. 

One of the 6 groups are those who lean toward the “flat earth” theories.

One of the 6 groups are those who lean toward the “spherical earth” theories.

One of the 6 groups is a minority. They are the people who are unaware of the new wave of flat earth theories and unaware of the war raging between 2 CAMPS of EXTREMISTS. 

THE 2 CAMPS of EXTREMISTS: (Flat Earth and Spherical Earth) 

Both groups of EXTREMISTS are like any other group of extremists. They have found their own kind who speaks the same language and have SET UP CAMP with those that speak their same language.

Both groups of EXTREMISTS most especially the "Flat Earthers" are behaving as if this is their God and religion.

Both groups of EXTREMEST see the other group as the liars and the ENEMY that needs to be snuffed out. In my experience, the most militant group of the two are the "Flat Earthers".

IN BOTH groups of EXTREMISTS are SOME who hold firmly to the belief that it is the Illuminati that is sponsoring the views of the other group. This makes these particular people more zealous for their cause which they believe is the absolute, unwavering truth. 

Both groups of EXTREMISTS claim to be open minded, but out of the 2 groups, the "Flat Earthers" are the most closed minded people I have ever run across. Reasoning with the flat earth extremists is just not possible. They seem to have a governor on their thinking and perceiving processes which prevents them from thinking rationally, yet all the while, they are under some illusion that has them perceiving themselves as being the most intelligent, sensible, and rational of all thinkers. 

Both groups of EXTREMEST’S most especially the "Flat Earthers" lives are colored by, driven by, and revolve around their theories. Their personal lives, the way they perceive others and the way they perceive and react to the entire world around them is being redefined by their theories. They eat sleep, breathe their theories and their cause.

Both camps of EXTREMISTS claim their theories are all 100% absolute facts and proof of what the shape of the earth is. However, both camps disagree on so many things including the laws of physics and what the out come of the applied application of the laws actually is. 

INDISPUTABLE FACT: Both camps of EXTREMISTS can NOT both be correct on what they claim is the shape of the earth.


PROBLEM: Two extremist groups arguing over what shape the world is.

I would think that the extremists groups would see as we outsiders see, that they will argue their theories back and forth until “kingdom come” and have proved nothing.

So which group of EXTREMISTS is correct? And…how do you finally settle this dispute?

SOLUTION: The ONLY SOLUTION that would SETTLE THIS DEBATE ONCE AND FOR ALL is to see the earth from outer space.

Here is where the REAL INSANITY is evident…it is a never ending circle of a dog chasing it’s tail.

It is true that some theories have been proven true and some theories have been proven false.

However, in the case of solving the debate of what shape this earth is or is not, wouldn’t the most logical thing be to suggest that seeing the earth from space is the only way that would finally settle the whole argument of which conflicting theories are correct?

I and some of my friends thought so, but not so to the extremists in the Flat Earth camp. Not only do they reject this only real solution to settle this matter, they attack this solution and viciously attack those who dare suggest that seeing the earth from space is the best way to prove to all of humanity what shape the earth is. Their over-reaction is mind blowing.

Just this suggestion that the absolute undeniable proof that would once and for all settle the arguments between the 2 feuding camps of extremists is to see the earth from space is met with extreme anger by the "flat earthers".

Why would ANYONE be angry over that suggestion??? Their reaction is an illogical, irrational response to a mere suggestion of the ultimate logical solution to solve the problem. The "flat earthers" bazaar reaction isn't even because they don't believe there is space and space travel. The crazy thing is, it's the suggestion itself that some how ignites an insane rage in them which drives them to attack, beat down, verbally abuse and character assassinate the poor soul who dared to suggest the idea.

I would think that the extremists groups would see as clearly as we outsiders see, that they will argue their theories back and forth, proving nothing.


ONLY IN THE FLAT EARTH GROUPS on Facebook, I have witnessed and experienced numerous people working together and behaving exactly like PAID AGENTS who are set up to murder the truth, keep their sheep corralled and continually fed the prescribed diet of lies. These people are behaving EXACTLY like paid agents, employing the typical tactics of paid agents.

Why is it that the Flat Earth Groups are the ones sponsoring and supporting people that fit this description, the exact description of PAID AGENTS whose job is to lie and keep people away from hearing the truth?

PAID AGENTS are Trolls or Shills. They make their living by lying and destroying the truth.

PAID AGENTS (Trolls/Shills) work to control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online discourse and DESTROY the TRUTH. 

PAID AGENTS (Trolls/Shills) ENEMY’S ARE: those who are speaking the truth.


1.) To destroy the truth. 

2.) To distract deny, degrade, disrupt by discrediting those who are speaking the truth. 

3.) To plant misinformation and shut down the communications of those who are presenting the truth.

4.) To discredit and ostracize the truth tellers from forums and groups.


1.) Research their enemy’s (the truth teller) background, personality type, topics of interest and make notes on how to push the psychological buttons of the truth teller.

2.) Research and memorize specific information about other posters to use to manipulate them into supporting the paid agent’s attack on the truth teller.

3.) Attack the truth teller using various forms of personal attacks. 

4.) Smear the characters of those speaking the truth.

5.) Harass and Bully the truth teller. 

6.) Work to humiliate the truth teller.

7.) Work to discredit the truth teller.

8.) Tell lies about the truth teller.

9.) Convince the other posters that the truth teller is a liar and trouble maker.

10.) Drag the tone of the conversation down with insults, filthy language, name calling and even sexual innuendos. 

11.) Spam with images and icons effectively to distract, side track or ridicule the truth teller.

12.) “Meme-patrol.” Countering memes, introducing new memes and repetitive posting of memes. 

13) The AGENT who is PAID to promote lies and DESTROY the truth employes the tactic of what I call “THE SHELL GAME”

(a) This is where the paid agent throws together different topics in one sentence, twists words and injects a lie in the middle. 

(b) Most people reading the sentence ingests the lie as if it is the truth since the other sentences had some truth in them. The lies ingested by the readers can be built upon by the paid agent as a means to lead the reader to act in the AGENT’S favor. 

14.) The tactic I call “THE BRIAR PATCH”

(a) "THE BRIAR PATCH” tactic is when the AGENT who is PAID to promote lies and DESTROY the truth, strings several sentences together of different accusations and topics, injected with numerous poisons lies. 

(b) "THE BRIAR PATCH” is a tactic the paid agent uses to gain control of the entire thread and direct it to another direction and to get the truth teller and the other posters to forget what the original point was. This is like switching the train to another track. Also works like “the shell game” where posters forget what the topic was and don’t even realize they have been switched to another track. 

(c) "THE BRIAR PATCH” tactic is used to confuse the posters. Once the posters are confused, it is very easy for the paid agent to influence them to support him/her against the truth teller.

15.) The paid agent USES the TACTICS of REPETITION of LIES and FALSE ACCUSATIONS of the truth teller which begins to register in the other reader’s minds that the truth teller is ALL of the things the paid agent says the truth teller is. The readers begin to see the truth teller as a trouble maker.

16) The paid agent ACCUSES THE TRUTH TELLER OF BEING exactly what he/she (the agent) is…a paid agent sent in to plant lies, waste time, cause trouble etc.

17.) The paid agent ACCUSES THE TRUTH TELLER of doing all the things the paid agent has been doing to the truth teller. 

18.) The paid agent CRIES FOUL and promotes the idea that IT IS he/she (the agent) who is the victim. 

19.) The paid agent COMPLAINS TO THE MODERATORS about the truth teller. Usually, the agent has already been complaining to the moderator, but by this time, the paid agent has manipulated the minds and emotions of readers into agreement with the paid agent’s false accusations and lies.

20.) The paid agent PROPOSES that the idea that in order TO RESTORE PEACE on the forum or group, that the SOLUTION is to BLOCK the TRUTH TELLER from the forum or group. 

21.) If the paid agent, the REAL enemy to truth does his/her job well, the TRUTH TELLER IS SEEN exactly as the lying paid agent has portrayed the truth teller to be.

(a) The TRUTH TELLER IS REMOVED from the forum or group.

(b) The PAID AGENT REMAINS in the group as a SHEPHERD to keep the sheep CONTROLLED, CORRALLED, and FED with a steady diet of LIES. 

(c) The sheep, by association begin to take on the tactics and nature of the paid agent and begin to parrot what the paid agent has fed them through the repetition of lies. 

INTERESTINGLY, ALL of the above is EXACLY what I have experienced in the Flat Earth groups, but NOT in the Spherical Earth groups. 




I have witnessed normal intelligent rational, logical, common sense people with spiritual discernment change to something else over night after watching the popular videos being promoted by the “Flat Earth” theorists. 

What could possibly be the cause of such a DRASTIC and RAPID change?


Could it be that the most popular videos that have been put out to promote the flat earth theory are Illuminati created Trojan Horses embedded with sophisticated subliminal messages that are infecting and affecting the thinking and reasoning processes of smart people and leaving them believing they are actually rationally thinking when in fact they have lost their critical thinking ability ?

Those of us who have observed the change in our friends who have gone from normal intelligent rational, logical, common sense people into being illogical, irrational thinkers, are wondering what happened to our friends. We see the change, but our friends don’t see that they have lost the ability to properly reason and have become reactionary attack dogs defending their flat earth like it was their god. 

This is how drastic a change I have witnessed:

The people who have joined the flat earth extremists camp remind me of people I have known who got stupid when they smoked dope and totally believed that they were receiving pearls of wisdom through their thought process, but it was VERY clear to the straight people around them that the ones on the dope were experiencing dementia.

The “flat earth” extremists are showing all the classic symptoms of being the victims of the same alpha wave mind control programming employed through TV and my hypothesis is that the most popular videos being put out to support the flat earth THEORY are chalked FULL of sophisticated illuminati mind control programming.

Not only that...I am thinking that if I am correct about this programming, that this programming also works on the will of the person so that when they receive the programing, their soul is opened to demonic attachments which work on changing their nature to move them farther and farther away from being Holy Spirit guided.

My hypothesis would also help make sense as to why so many people have personally grafted themselves as one to this vine to the extent that they are so easily offended and feel so personally insulted by any mention of a conflicting theory in regards to the shape of the earth. 

The last article I wrote titled "The Flat Earth topic. It's REAL purpose SHOULD BE OBVIOUS!!!!" brought the wrath upon me from both camps, the "Flat Earth" supporters and the Spherical Earth supporters. Even personal friends of mine from both sides who have never been angry with me before, became incensed because they ASSUMED I was slamming them. I am sorry, I thought it was clear that my entire article was about the attitudes and behaviors of both sides and of how insanely emotional people were over this "what shape is the earth" thing.  The fact that my article triggered such negative emotional outrage from both sides was even more of a wake up call to me as to just how insanely volatile this whole..."what shape is the earth" thing is.  It appears to me that for some reason people take greater offense to a disagreement over what they believe the earth is shaped like more than they would if someone viciously slandered their innocent child.

The emotional response over my last article only reinforced my belief that there is something fishy going on with this "what shape is the world" topic. Murderous rage should not be the common fruit being produced by such a supposedly benign topic.

And...BTW, contrary to what many may assume, that last article I wrote was inspired by the insane treatment Rob Skiba was getting by doing what people asked him to do...research and express his own thoughts on the "Flat Earth" vs Spherical Earth" theories. I have only known Rob Skiba to be a good Christian man with a very good heart and sound mind...which is a world of difference from those thoughtless emotional people who have been so quick to throw the stones.

Further more, once again, I am being accused of saying that people should not research this topic. This is just not true. I, with an open mind, have researched this topic myself. In spite of my own personal experience that involves this topic, I willingly set that aside to look for myself as to what is being said about this topic. I still love truth more than my own life. Nearly 30 years ago I gave up everything that I had believed was the truth when I found out that what I had was The Lie. My love for truth remains.



There are indeed real conspiracies being perpetrated against the good people of this world.

There are 2 groups of people being called “conspiracy theorists”.

Type ONE “conspiracy theorists” are people who are actually exposing real conspiracies and speaking truth to the lies.

Type TWO “conspiracy theorists” are people who are the PRODUCT OF THE CONSPIRATORS who are responsible for the real conspiracies. 

Type TWO are mostly outfitted with good people who truly believe they are exposing the lies of the enemy, but they are actually unknowingly PROMOTING THE LIES of the enemy and are BEING USED to bring distraction, discord and division. 

Type TWO is being used to discredit the testimonies of those who are the real whistle blowers. 

Type TWO are being used to make the masses look at ALL real “truthers” and whistle blowers as being looney. 

Type TWO are being used to stir up the masses to associate any extremism with the present dangerous Illuminati created militant religious extremists. 

The next phase of this Illuminati conspiracy is to bring the masses to hate all organized religion, the goal of which is to lead the masses to see all believers and followers of Jesus Christ as being religious extremists and enemies to global peace and enemies to the “advancement of human spiritual evolution.”

This Flat Earth vs Spherical Earth is not benign.  It is poison.  All one needs to do is look at the fruits to see that this resembles an Illuminati PSYOP.

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The Flat Earth topic. It's REAL purpose SHOULD BE OBVIOUS!!!!

by Carolyn Hamlett

I do not endorse the flat earth THEORY nor do I refute it at this time, in spite of my own personal experience. 



What I see and smell are the STINKIN ROTTEN FRUITS of MANY shallow "christians" and the fact that they are allowing this thing to do EXACTLY what the Illuminati have hoped it would do by introducing this to the masses!!! which are THE WORKS OF SATAN...HATE, ARGUMENTS, DISCORD, DIVISION, BACKBITING, BACKSTABBING, MURDEROUS THOUGHTS, NEGATIVE PRAYERS, ETC.




(Carolyn Hamlett putting it nicely!)

One is the things that prompted me to post this is because I am sick of the way so many "christians" are attacking, name calling, ostracizing, sending hate mail etc etc to very good Christian ministers who have been asked to voice their OPINION on a THEORY....and BECAUSE they have shared their OPINION on the THEORY, they are suddenly being accused of things that only Satan would say just because their OPINION on the THEORY (which they were asked to share) is offensive to the people who asked to hear their OPINION on the THEORY in the first place!!!

Why does the sum total of all expended energies of applied “logic” of this equation = such ILLOGICAL behavior???

For such “brainiacs” YOUR Behavior defies ALL LOGIC!!!!

PEOPLE!!!!!…at least be human!

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Sunsets, autumn days and yellow

by Carolyn Hamlett

Sunsets, autumn days and yellow

The picture above has special meaning to me because of what it used to mean to me and what it means to me now. The color yellow was used in my early programming and continued to play a part throughout my life. Sunsets and autumn days were a reminder of death. Where as years ago this picture would have triggered depression in me because of what it meant to me, today it is beautiful to me. I no longer feel such sorrow or have the feeling that I am a slave. Sunsets and autumn days like this no longer depress me. All of the memories and pain associated with sunsets, autumn days and yellow that was locked up inside of me have been healed. 

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Are My Memories Real? (Part 6) with Dan Duval, Dr. Preston Bailey, Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace

by Carolyn Hamlett

Topics discussed:

1.) Memories involving hybrid beings, "aliens", Greys, Reptilians, blue people, cosmic beings, "ascended masters", fallen angels, heavenly orders etc.

- I have so many experiences on this topic that I have never shared yet.  

2.) Memories involving outer space and secret space programs.

- I have alters that have been trained to fly various types of crafts. 

Some crafts are piloted by way of a telepathic computer system. Some crafts operate through a combination of hands on and telepathic commands. Global "military" and non human beings both have such crafts.

Some non humans have ships that are biomechanical and are more biological than machine.

- I shared what may seem to some as a strange and unusual story, how ever, what happened to me is actually more common that many realize. It is becoming more common knowledge that a split of a person (alter) can be taken out of a person and used in another location.  Some locations happen to be in other realms or off planet. In this interview I share of my own experience of having one of my alters taken and kept captive on another planet for many years. 

I was one of the few fortunate ones taken in that I was found to be of use to the society there. It wasn't easy at first, and although I belonged to someone like slave, I was well cared for and did my best to be useful and make the best of the situation. When it came time for me to be freed, it was quite difficult for me since I had staked out a fairly decent life and had also grown quite close to my sponsor family. Not many taken captive as I had fare so well. 

3.) Memories involving water and underwater locations such as bases and cities.

- Demonic entities including "ascended masters" derive energy from water.
- When hybrid bodies were made for the beings that were brought through the portal in 1984, all births took place under water. 
- The babies created from the union of a human woman and a being that had come though the portal were all birthed under water.  
- There is a base off the coast of California that the US military share with the Greys.
- Many UFO sightings near Catalina Island.
- Catalina Island has been reported as having an underground base. 
- I shared a little about a 5 week stay I had on Catalina Island.
- Some people including myself are able sense the vortex on Catalina Island and are affected by the energy.

I would love to come back to this post and add more detailed notes and share more on these topics, but I can not promise anything. I am s very far behind on finishing the notes for previous blog posts.

Loren Grace has posted her article to go with this Part 6 of Are My Memories Real? 

Here is a link to Loren Grace's article: Are My Memories Real? Part 6

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Appearing To Man As Men Among Men - Tablets of Thoth

This 12 minute video is a creation of my friend, Mike aka "urupiper" and now "Urupipeṛ2 Ṫẁo". The segment is a clip from the most recent program with Zen Garcia, Dan Duval and myself. 

Mike was the first person to make a video out of one of my interviews. In fact that first one he made was nearing one million views and the numerous other videos Mike made of my interviews were all in the hundreds of thousands of views...until You Tube recently closed Mike's original channel "urupiper" which he had had since 2009 with not a single warning or citation. 

You Tube provides a free service that many enjoy, but the fact remains that the management who provides this free service can decide at anytime for any reason they want, to take that service away. 

Thank you Mike for the many hours you have put in to making videos of my interviews. 
Thank you also for making this very moving video of my blog post: 

Mike's You Tube channel is: Urupipeṛ2 Ṫẁo 

Mike's blog is "Yesterday's Lies". 


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Momentary Zen with Zen Garcia, Dan Duval and Carolyn Hamlett Part 3 - July 8th

by Carolyn Hamlett

This program was on July 8th which was the same day that Dan Duval and I recorded the program on Reptilians and the ancients. 

I am just now posting this program because I had planned to first finish my commentary for the post about Reptilians, and then move on to post this program and notes to go with it. 

It still may be a few more days before I am able to finish the previous article about Reptilians, so I decided to go ahead and post this and come back and post the notes later. 

I will also be revisiting an older article of mine and be posting the information about the off world transporter and a rendition to illustrate.


Appearing To Man As Men Among Men - Tablets of Thoth  

(A 12 minute Video created by my friend, Mike "urupiper Two". 
This segment is from Part 3 of "Momentary Zen" with Zen Garcia, 
Dan Duval and Carolyn Hamlett")

Also Related:

Are My Memories Real? 
with Dan Duval, Dr. Preston Bailey, Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace

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