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Resting On The Path. Mark 6:31

"Take rest: a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop." ~ Ovid

If I haven't answered your email, please do not take it personally. Quite simply, I am exhausted from over extending myself which I have a tendency to do. I put others before myself until I have nothing left to give, even to myself. Please know that every single one of you is extremely important to me. I do read all of my emails and though I am not able to give you the attention you deserve, just know that when you write to me, I do pray for you and your particular needs and I continue to pray for you. 

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Former Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Mike Shreve's Interview

Some of you who have been following my story through the series of interviews with Dan Duval may remember me talking about my teen years and of my former Kundalini Yoga teacher who became a Christian. His name is Mike Shreve.  He was Dan Duval's guest September 18, 2013 on "Discovering the Truth With Dan Duval". 

Here is the link for the archived broadcast:

In all of my years serving under the ascended masters, I had met only a few people whom I knew were far beyond most humans in "enlightenment", who possessed great depth of knowledge and understanding in many religions, including deep metaphysical knowledge, and understanding of eastern mysticism.  Mike Shreve was one of those. I admired him and saw him as great teacher, though he was not one bit pretentious. Mike is another perfect example that is evidence that becoming a believer in Jesus Christ is not equivalent to getting a spiritual frontal lobotomy. It is the opposite. 

In my 4th Interview with Dan Duval, I tell part of my side of the story of the day back in 1970 when Mike, was late for class for the first time ever. When the news came why he was late, we were relieved he was safe, but shocked at the news we received as if it was a tragedy. 

For many years I wondered what ever became of Mike. People say that the Lord works miracles and He works in mysterious ways. My life is certainly a testimony of both. As I reflect right now, I can't help but believe that part of God's plan to help people today was why Mike's and my path crossed when they did many years ago, and why our paths have crossed again. His story and mine independently and together help strengthen the truth of where the boundaries of the occult lie. Our testimonies reinforce that Jesus Christ IS The Way, The Truth and the Life. 

There really is a wide road that leads to destruction and a narrow road provided by God through His plan of salvation from that destruction. Jesus Christ IS God's provision to restore mankind and to bring eternal life rather than leave mankind to Satan's plan that is deceptive leading to death and destruction. Take a look at our world today as we allow Satan to reign in our hearts and lives. Satan works through people. God works through people too. 

Who you chose to serve makes all the difference in the world. Think about it. 

*      *      *

To read my notes and listen to my story of my teen years which includes the story about the Kundalini Yoga class and the day I could never forget. Go to the link below of my May 21st interview. At this link you will also see a link to the video where Mike tells what happened that day. 

A quick note as I think back: I spent a good amount of time with some Mahatmas who were traveling with "Guru Maharaj Ji, a couple of years after Mike gave it all up for Jesus Christ. Everyone seemed to think those Mahatma guys were really something, but compared to Mike they were so kindergarden. I pray that those young men have also found the Real Truth as Mike found and as I later found.  In fact, all of my friends who attended Mike's Kundalini class at The University of South Florida became born again believers of Jesus Christ and are still living a Jesus Christ centered life. None of us would ever want to go back to what we had before. We know why Mike Shreve gave it all up for Jesus Christ. In truth we had nothing before. Satan's world is full of deceptive trails. You think you are on paths to golden enlightenment, but in truth those paths are only trails to get you lost and snared in the briar patch. 

"Mike Shreve has traveled throughout the United States and overseas as an evangelist and missionary since 1971. He is also the author of 11 books and 3 Bible Studies, as well as the director of a Christian publishing company called Deeper Revelation Books. Prior to His conversion to Christianity in the fall of 1970, Mike was a student of an Indian guru and a teacher of yoga and meditation at four Florida universities. He is now involved in a very strategic outreach toward followers of other world religions called “The True Light Project”. 

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I, Carolyn Hamlett, am no longer affiliated with Daniel Duval, BRIDE Ministries, The Fire Place Church, nor can I recommend them. (1st public announcement on 11/04/16) Please read the article at this link:

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Interview with a Former Illumined One - Part 7 "The Finale"

Much goes on the battlefield of the spirit realm that we do not see. Some of the greatest in God's Kingdom and some of His most powerful warriors are never seen as anything more than ordinary. They are the often the least noticed whether it be in the office, on the street or in the places of worship. 

They are the shut in and bed ridden, many neglected as if their value as a person withered and died as the flower of their youth withered and died. God knows who they are and Satan certainly knows who they are. 

They can be the widow in the church sitting next you crying as she silently prays. Is she feeling weak and crying and praying for herself, or is she actually praying from her strength and faith for someone else, her tears being quietly shed for another? 

Some of the most powerful prayer warriors are children whose prayer consists of a few words, "Please God, help Mommy", or even "Please God help me." 

It is for you my fellow warriors that I give thanks for your labor of love. 

You have quietly and unselfishly given of your physical, emotional and spiritual resources to stand against the enemy for me when I could not stand on my own. If it were not for you, I would be just another victory for the enemy. You are the ones who love beyond all measure, who cry when no one can see and who fight battles that only God knows about and the enemy who has been defeated. 

I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. ~



I, Carolyn Hamlett, am no longer affiliated with Daniel Duval, BRIDE Ministries, The Fire Place Church, nor can I recommend them. (1st public announcement on 11/04/16) 

Off and on for weeks, I have been trying to put together some detailed notes to go along with and complement this interview. It hasn't been an easy task and I have had a lot of distractions. I am not sure the notes I have for you so far are that great, but I am going to post them anyway and add more as I can. God is a big God. I pray to Him, that my notes as they are may help to bring others closer to knowing Him and His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Update: I have notes to add to this article as well as notes for the other interviews I did with Dan Duval to tell the basic highlights of my story. I hope to have these notes added in the next month or so after I finish a few articles I am presently working on first. 

I begin this program by mentioning that I will be talking about the part of my story that I have never been able to write about. It is very detailed and complicated and quite frankly, contains some hard to believe experiences. I tell my story anyway because I know that God wants me to tell it. It would be morally wrong for me to remain silent. I ask you, my readers, to consider what you would do if you knew of a heinous crime being committed against innocent people calling for mass extermination. Would you try to warn the innocent at the risk of being called crazy or would you choose to be silent because your fear of being ridiculed was greater than your love for others?

I also tell my story to expose the enemy's tactics and help people know how to protect themselves. What I share today may not mean much to people today, but it will in the future. 

My background as being born into a bloodline of generational Luciferians put me into some very unusual places with unusual experiences. Much of my life was spent under the direction of Lucifer's spiritual hierarchy.  

Lucifer and Satan are one and the same entity. Do not be fooled by the teachings that are being spread today that say other wise. Lucifer is Satan and is evil. All top level "Illuminists" know this. Remember, the author of the plan for the NWO is Lucifer aka. Satan. Most people can figure out that the NWO is an evil plan. The next step for people to do is snap out of denial and see that if the NWO is evil, therefore those pushing for the NWO are evil too. Top level globalists are Luciferians who worship Satan as the evil Satan that he is. Satan is the con of all cons. His people working global politics today are in that position because they are some of the best cons Satan has to offer. They are not good people. They are not motivated by good will. They are motivated by the wealth and power they have been promised in the new order. 

In my last interview with Dan Duval I covered a lot of information that involved a project that provided a means to bring some of Lucifer's most powerful to our physical world and then create bodies for them which were comprised of elements of their world and of our physical 3rd dimensional world. Such a body allows these beings to have a sort of anchor on earth because of having a body with elements of this earth as well as some human DNA. (I will be adding more notes on this topic to my post of that interview.)

During the years I was involved with that project, I was also involved in infiltrating a charismatic Christian church. In this 7th interview, I talk about this very interesting story. It is in this interview that I go into the details of the events in both the supernatural and the physical that led me to make the decision to defect from my life of service to "The Plan". I tell about the book that gave me the courage to call upon the enemy of Lucifer, Jesus Christ to save me. 

Dan asked me how I ended up fining myself involved in infiltrating a church.

I explain that it was a group effort that actually began the first day my husband and I went to the occult church back in 1978. The people that became the group were the very people I mention in the last interview whom my mentor had told me the ascended masters had sent her to recruit. In my last interview I go into detail about how my husband, myself and 3 other individuals just happened to enter the church lobby at the same time for the first visit ever to that occult church. All of us had felt drawn to attend that church that Sunday and just happened to all walk in at the same time. 

It began so innocently. My mentor was the most sought after person in that occult church because of her psychic abilities. When she quietly singled the few of us out of the crowd to give her undivided attention to, it was quite an honor. I don't think any of the church goers were aware of the special attention she was giving to the five of us. On Sundays she secretly passed to us almost like a dope deal, cassette tapes she had made of her teaching for us. No one seemed to be the wiser.

She began by teaching us some of the Bible. As far as I know we all had the same lessons, but she supplemented other teaching to us on an individual basis according to our level of understanding and according to what she was trying to work in each of us. She didn't want us to read the Bible for ourselves. She told us what the Bible said and we were tested on what she said the Bible said. 

Soon she was teaching about Jesus Christ, but it still was not the Jesus Christ as Savior that Christians believe in. She led the small group in a mock salvation experience. Why would she do this? Because the members of the group had been introduced to the true Christian teaching of Jesus Christ at an early age. It was like a dormant seed in them that could grow if they actually heard the truth in a real Christian church. You can't infiltrate a Christian church with people who are not secure in their own our case...a Luciferian New Age "higher thought" version faith which our mentor had to establish in all of first. 

My mentor had to do delicate surgery to teach her students about Jesus Christ from the Bible, to make it look like it was Christianity and to convince them all that they were "born again" so they would never think that they were not "born again". Therefore, they would forever think they were "born again" and "saved" and that no Christian had anything to offer them. She convinced our small group that our profession of faith to her version of Jesus Christ was salvation and therefore what the church offered was just a lower version of what each person in our group had already done.That is a very deceptive tactic. From that point, my mentor could slowly move the students away from the truth of who Jesus Christ is and back into more solid Luciferian lies all the while they continued to believe that they were "born again", but just more enlightened than other Christians. 

When our mentor felt sure she had done her job with us, she told us about a charismatic church she had been scoping out. 

There were several reasons why she wanted to take us into that church. It wasn't just to infiltrate it. She wanted to establish herself there as a trust worthy "Holy Spirit filled Christian" for the long haul. With such a foot hold, much damage can be done. She also wanted to use this church as a means to confirm to the members of our group that they were "born again" by giving a public display. She told us that when she decided it was time for us to respond to the alter call, to make a public show to others that we were "born again" that she would tell us ahead of time and when that time came, we would go up to the front of the church and kneel and say the prayer that the others said, but not to pay much attention to that prayer since she assured us that we had already filled the requirements. 

This whole shenanigan was also a means for my mentor to appear as a soul winner by bringing us in and us getting "saved" and at the same time make the people of the church feel like they had a part in bringing us sinners to "Christ". It was a Trojan Horse set up. 

She further instructed that we were not to allow anyone to lay hands on us and pray for what was called the infilling of the Holy Spirit of God.. She said that when we were ready, she would teach us about the Holy Spirit and she herself would lay hands on us and pray for the in filling of the spirit of God and that she herself would test the "gifts" of the spirit to discern for us if they were legitimate gifts from God. She reminded us that the people in that church still weren't up to par on the higher teachings that we had and that though some of them had supernatural gifts, they were sadly inferior to what we already had. We were told to never refer to the gifts as psychic gifts, but to use the charismatic terminology that the people in that church were comfortable with such as "words of knowledge", "words of the wisdom" and "gifts of the Spirit".  

My mentor schooled us on other things to expect in the charismatic Christian church. She explained all the terminology used by born again Christians and how to talk their talk and walk their walk and even how to dress so we would easily fit into that particular church. She wanted the congregation to feel comfortable with us. Blending in was an important part of that.  

She even warned us about the "praise and worship time" and told us the standard procedure was to stand and clap our hands to the music and raise a hand or even two just as the other church people did. She laughed and said, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." 

It all sounded so easy on the drawing board, but putting it into practice was awkward for me to say the least. I was a stick in the mud unemotional sort that was more like Spock on Star Trek than a human. I was a product of many years of operating from my head center or chakra, separate from my emotions. I was aware of emotions, but they were to be aware of, and not reasoned through. I could act, but this was way too weird for me and went against my very nature at that time. I couldn't say, "Praise the Lord" and certainly didn't want to.  It was beneath me and repulsed me to even hear someone say those words. I couldn't say "Jesus" without great aversion. I did everything I could to avoid having to say that name. 

Dan asks me what were we there in that church to do? What was our purpose and reason for being there?

We were there to accomplish a number of things. Anytime a church is being infiltrated by someone from Satan's organization, they are there to disrupt, bring dissension and discord. They bring with them an evil presence to quench the Spirit of God in people and to quench the presence of God in that church. Often specific people targeted. Pastors and Pastors families are often targeted to either recruit to false doctrine or to try to destroy them through fleshly sin. 

Demons that come in with the infiltrators look for people who have fleshly weaknesses to intensify those weaknesses and to feed off of the negativity and lust. There are many different types of demons. Just as humans specialize in certain professions, there are demons who specialize in certain areas. When a demon sees an opening in someone's personality, they will try to enter in or attach to that person to destroy that person. A demon will intensify that person's weakness in the hope of encouraging a lust to sin thereby making it harder to resist evil. 

A further tactic demons use to keep a person in bondage to continued practice of a particular sin creating an addiction is to either impress that person with such condemnation to get them to believe that God will never forgive them so why even try to fight their lust. Shame of exposure and having others discover the sin keeps people in bondage. Another tactic employed by demons is to impress upon that person that there is no condemnation a all, that they can seek to gratify any lust and that God sees them as clean because they are believers in Jesus Christ. The have a relaxed view of sin, believing that as long as they ask God to forgive them, they are OK. The truth is that practicing a habitual sin is a wide open door for demons and will give demons a foot hold in you. 

Sin and lust feed demons and weaken your spirit. Jesus cast out demons and told the newly clean person to "sin no more". It is true that some people profess Jesus Christ as Lord over their life, but in truth, they serve sin and are slaves in bondage to a sin. They have allowed the sin to be their lord and they are led by that sin, not by Jesus Christ. 

Practicing a particular sin can lead to a habit and addiction. The case with many addictions is that a person will be in denial that a problem exists and they will begin to give that sin a higher priority in their life above their own welfare and their family's needs. Without realizing it, they will begin to be taken farther and farther from the ways of Jesus Christ. A good person will become a habitual liar to protect that addiction they are involved in. They may become a thief to support that addiction. Families fall apart because of addictions. Addictions poison a person's soul and can destroy that person altogether. 

It is best not to let a sin get a foot hold to start with. The Bible says to resist the devil and he will flee from you. 

The Apostle Paul in his letter to the church of Ephesus reminds the church that the enemy is not of the flesh, it is from the supernatural. Therefore the weapons against this enemy are supernatural and from God. One does not have to remain tormented by the demonic. There is help from God to defeat the demonic. 

Much of the church of Ephesus was made up of the gentile population who had had an occult past. Obviously there was a supernatural war going on or else Paul would not have told these people to put on the full armor of God to stand against the tactics of Satan. Anyone with a past of deep occult involvement knows that Satan will try to get back what he had and try to destroy them if he can find a way.  Again, it is better not to give Satan a foot hold in your life to begin with. 

So, my brothers and sisters, be strong in the Lord and the Power of HIS might. Put on that full armor of God that God has provided for you so that you can stand against the tactics of the devil. 

Ephesians 6: 12-18
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;
15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;
16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:
18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

2 Corinthians 10:3 states: "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty in the pulling down of strongholds."  That is a fact that you can count on. It is not a hope, it is fact that those strongholds can be brought down. The sooner you do it the better. "Put on the full armor of God." Paul is not giving us symbology. This is a real spiritual armor founded on God's Spiritual Law. 

Here is an excerpt from my article: "I Am Not Afraid, I Was Born For This"

"It is time to put on the armor that God has laid out for you. Time to shine. 

You wear the Righteousness and the Truth of the Righteous Creator, which the enemy cannot pierce nor challenge. Your feet are strong to walk the path of the Good News which is the recipe for peace. Our enemy is doing all he can to prevent that Good News from being heard which is the truth of who and what Jesus Christ is. That is what this battle is all about.

Your helmet is representative of salvation, the covering of the shed blood of Jesus Christ and that you belong to Jesus Christ and no longer to the world. It also represents the head of the body of Christ who is Jesus Christ Himself. The helmet represents His authority, and your authority that you have in His name. Put that helmet on. The covering of Jesus Christ is solid and impenetrable.

Pick up that shield of Faith. When you know the Power of God because you have seen it work, your shield is solid and secure. 

The sword of the spirit is the very power of the Word of God that made the universe. It is His Law, it is Truth and there is no greater law than His. Much of what we face in the physical was spoken into being from the supernatural. There is NO greater power than the Word of God. You can fearlessly speak the Word as Jesus Christ did when he said, "It is written". He spoke the Truth which He also is. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is the literal Word of God. We who have given our lives to be under the authority of Jesus Christ belong to Him and we represent Him.  

Now, may the enemy see Jesus Christ when they look at you."

Lastly, may I remind you: Many Christians remember what the full armor of God consists of, but they stop at the helmet of salvation. Let me remind everyone of verse 18 of Ephesians, Chapter 6. 
"Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;"
Prayer is part of the armor of God. Pray for yourself and others. Prayer is a powerful weapon against the enemy.

Discernment of the demonic is by way of God's active Holy Spirit in you. When one has the Holy Spirit of God alive in them, they can have the discernment to better detect when there is a demonic presence. Feed your spirit with the things that are of God. Live according to His ways and you are going to be more sensitive to His Spirit. God's Spirit is in direct contrast to the demonic, so when you are close to God's Spirit, you are more likely to detect a spirit or nature that is contrast to God's Holy Spirit. If you are busy feeding your flesh, you are strengthening the flesh which desensitizes your spirit to discern what is in contrast to God's Holy Spirit. 

1983 - A sunny Sunday morning in November, marks our 1st visit to the Christian church. 

As planned, we met outside of the church. All seven of us walked in together, and took our seats near the front, just to the pastor's left. Everything seemed to be going smoothly except for one thing which I found a bit disturbing. The pastor's eyes seemed to be glued on us. When I tried to avert eye contact from the pastor, I noticed that one of the church deacons was also watching us. He seemed to be praying as he looked in our direction. I had a strong feeling that he was going to come over to us. I hoped to God that he wouldn’t, but he did. As he left his post and headed our way, a jolt of fear ran through me. I wondered what he was going to do when he got to us. 

He singled out our mentor, and quietly told her that he felt very strongly that God wanted him to pray for her. Would she mind if he did so, he asked. She agreed and he began to pray. He began to pray against spiritual wickedness and the forces of darkness around her. I remember being impressed with his ability to sense the spiritual presence, but I was not impressed that he mistook it for evil and darkness. He had much to learn I thought. 

When the deacon finished praying and our mentor sat back in her seat I noticed that her eyes were blood shot and she appeared to be suffering from some sort of pain. I had never seen her look like that. After church I asked her about it. She pretty much passed it off as nothing, then made a topic change to discuss the poor misguided elder who at least could sense something spiritual even if he was mixed up on the source.

The beginning of the end: A Declaration and a promise made to me.

At the time this happened, I took it as a threat, but as I look at it now, I see it for what it was...a Declaration and a promise from God. 

The next week seemed to fly by. It was Sunday again.  I didn't know it then, but my life was about to be turned upside down. I was getting ready that morning to attend the Christian church for our 2nd visit when I heard a very stern and strong not audible voice in my head, like a telepathic message say to me, "I am going to tear down all of your idols and all that you hold dear."

I knew that the voice was referring to my association with the the ascended masters, "The Plan", my entire life of serving "The Plan" as well as all that I looked forward to in the coming global rule under their "New Age" "Christ".

Believing that I was serving God, not the enemy, I spoke with boldness and confidence back to the voice. "You can't do that." I said, "because I know so strongly that what I am doing is right, that I am as sure about it as I am sure that my name on my birth certificate is Carolyn."

Interesting trivia here is that I didn't know then that my name actually means "Strong". So in a sense I was saying that my belief  I was serving God was as strong as I knew that my name was "Strong". I soon found out who that voice really was. 

After hearing the voice, I finished getting ready and drove to the church to meet the others  outside the doors. Just as we did the week before, all seven of us walked in together and sat exactly where we sat the week before. 

Again the pastor's eyes were glued on us. The elder was watching us too. Once again the elder made his way over to us and asked our mentor if he could pray for her. 

Just as he had the week before, the young deacon began to pray against the forces of darkness that surrounded my mentor. As he prayed, she began to tremble. I could tell he wasn't praying in fear or in anger or in an air of condemnation. He was praying out of a heart of love, full of compassion and concern. He stated specific scriptures, praying them and claiming them as God's promises for her. As I listened to him pray, I felt the power of those words as he spoke them. She felt them too as did the beings around her. 

The more the good deacon prayed, the more my mentor trembled. I thought she was going to faint. Then I noticed her eyes. They were starting to redden up like they had the Sunday before. After the service she excused herself saying that she was tired and needed to go home to rest.

Another week passed and we made our third visit to the church. It was a repeat performance of the other Sundays right down to the prayer for our mentor and her going home to rest.

Later that week our mentor notified us of a change that would take place the next Sunday. She explained to us that we all were doing so well that it was no longer necessary for her to be there physically with us every Sunday. 

She would, however be there in spirit she promised. I had the oddest feeling about all of that. I just couldn't shake it. Something didn't seem right; like we were not getting the whole truth from her. 

No one else seemed to be bothered and surprisingly no one seemed to sense my doubts, not even my mentor with whom I had shared a special telepathic connection with during the last six years. It didn't make sense either, that I could read her, but she didn't seem to be reading me. 

I decided it was best for me to keep my doubts and questions to myself, at least for a little while until I could make some sense of it all. Maybe this was some sort of test revolving around trust. Only time would tell. 

My mentor took a break from physical church attendance. I sensed her presence not as she was out of body, but that she was remote viewing.

Dan Duval makes a very good point in the program after I mention this. One of the things we need to pray about and to petition God for is His defenses against human patrolling spirits whether it be through astral projection or other forms of occult activity. This is important to remember in any ministry, whether it is a church congregation, a missions project, any kind of ministry out reach and even a business adventure. Pray against the forces that oppose you asking for God's provision.  


Dan asks me to revisit a previous topic about targeted people in the church and to talk about who the targeted people were in that particular church. 

I mention that pastors and church leaders and families are usually targeted either to sway them into teaching false doctrine or to fall to sexual sin. In this church, the Pastor was a target, but I did not know the details or the type of targeting for the Pastor or his wife.

I give an example of a Pastor swayed to false teaching. It is the story I told in my first interview with Dan Duval of my mother and her group who had targeted a Methodist minister and how my mother had telepathically dictated an entire Sunday sermon to him as she and I sat together on the front row that Sunday morning. After church that day the Pastor learned where that sermon had come from and was so impressed that he took the rest of the bait thrown out to him and followed the path into the occult and out of the Methodist church. 

Children are targets. Be careful who you let teach your children or care for your children. All church workers should agree to have a background check and even pay the fee for that background check.  

If your child is with you in a church service and needs to use the bathroom, take him or her there to the bathroom yourself. Do not allow your children to go alone. Your church may be ok, but don't assume it is because I know for a fact that right there in the safety of some churches, children are being molested while parents assume their fellow parishioners are trusted family. 

If a fellow Christian is caught molesting a child, do that child a favor and other future victims, call the police and file charges. Many churches give pedophiles chance after chance believing everyone should be forgiven, all the while lives are being destroyed at the expense of the evil criminal acts. Sexual molestation damages the very core of a person and can affect the victim's entire life. Only God can heal such damage. Please...Protect the innocent. Stop the crime from spreading. 

Be aware that demonic transference can occur from molestation and sexual sin. An infected person may begin to attract other sexual predators because of the demonic attachment. This is one reason why a victim may be victimized by other people throughout their lives. 

Children who have been sexually molested will often act out in sexual ways with other children. Such behavior should be an alarm to parents, care givers and teachers that this child may not be a bad child, but could possibly be a victim needing help and protection. Of course this inappropriate behavior should not be allowed, but it should not be ignored. 

I have to live with a regret. I knew two young ladies whom I was pretty sure were being sexually molested. One by her step father, another by a close family member. The signs were all there. (It was many years later that I found out that it was true of one little neighbor girl.) Often when she was left with her step father, she would come running to my house and tell me she hated him for what he was doing to her. One time I knew she was hurting. I know she wanted me to know, but I could sense she was afraid to tell me what he had done to her. I wish I had tried to figure out how to help her. I wish I would have known to at least call Social Services to investigate. I think this little girl would have gladly taken the chance at a foster home. I didn't do what I think now was the right thing for that little girl. Part of my failure was because I was in a degree of denial. I tell you this story in the hope that it breaks the denial that some of you may be allowing to stop you from investigating such crimes and helping the innocent victims. Maybe you are a victim yourself because someone thought that calling Social Services or making a police report wouldn't stop the perpetrator. 

Parents, protect your children. Be wise; use discernment and do spiritual warfare now to keep your family safe. 

For those who have been victims of the unGodly selfish evil deeds of others, pray to God to cleanse you in the name of Jesus Christ. Renounce any demonic attachment that you may have. Give your entire being, body, soul and spirit to God as being washed clean by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. If you have committed any evil acts yourself, confess them to God and renounce those sins. Ask God to help you sin no more. Ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Ask God to surround you with His physical and spiritual hedge of protection. Enlist the prayers of other well grounded Christians. 

Families in general are targeted to break down God's divine spiritual structure of the family. Bringing a division in the relationship of a husband and wife can destroy the powerhouse of the husband/wife under God against Satan. 

Sexual sin is a powerful tool to destroy the spiritual oneness of the husband/wife union under God. Man is the spiritual head of the household under God and is a beautiful and wonderful and powerful thing when operating as God's beautiful creation for us. Under God's Divine design, husband and wife work together like a well oiled machine and help to provide a spiritually secure atmosphere for themselves and their children. Such a relationship is a great hindrance to Satan and his plan, therefore, Satan tries to sabotage marriages. Sexual sin is one of the fastest and easiest ways to accomplish this. Sexual sin can have it's beginning through something as simple as a whisper that your spouse is taking you for granted. Love for your partner should over rule your own ego. Couples should be able to feel that they can talk with each other over such a concern without offense being taken which can further drive a wedge between the couple. If one spouse feels there is a problem, then it should be looked at as a problem where the two can work in love together for the solution. This can strengthen the bond between a husband and wife. 

Often husbands are targeted by demonic entities to lead them into pornography. In the family, the husband is the spiritual head of the household. This is a well known fact to those serving in the supernatural realm. When a man is tempted to involve himself in pornography and continues to allow himself to be tempted in that way, it creates an open door for demons to bring harm to his wife and children. By serving the sin, the man as head over the household gives permission for sin to have access to his dominion which includes his wife and children. The man has taken himself out from under the authority of God, out from under that umbrella of protection that God provides and puts his family out in the rain.  A man's spiritual position is an honorable one with great responsibility not to be taken lightly. Satan knows this fact and therefore targets the spiritual head of the household. The woman's position is also an honorable one with great responsibility. Both partners work as a unit under the authority of God. Satan does what he can to put a wedge between a husband and wife. 

I understand that addictions can be hard to break, especially a sexual addiction, however, I know it can be done. I have friends who were slaves to this for years and were able to have victory over it. There is hope. It can be done. It does take will power. It may not happen over night for you, but you can have victory. Don't give up and don't let shame talk you out of continuing to strive for that victory. If you are the head of the household and realize that your actions are opening the door to the demonic, you have taken the first step in overcoming this problem by recognizing it as a problem. There is a solution. Renounce the sin. Renounce any demonic ties you may have. Give yourself back to God in the name of Jesus Christ. Ask God to cleanse you and to help you to not want to sin again. Find scriptures that help you stay Jesus Christ centered. Read these scriptures. Memorize them and speak them. This is using the sword of the spirit. Demons don't like to hear God's Word. Practice love for your wife, not lust and her being an object to use to keep the lust at bay. Making love starts in the morning with a smile and an mmmmm as you look into her eyes and tell her you love her. Love making progresses with a short phone call or a text to your wife telling her you are thinking of her. Love making never has an ending when loving is your habit and you love to love. When both husband and wife are motivated to do things for each other, love and respect grows for each other grows. Something as simple as loading or unloading a dishwasher or cooking your spouse's a favorite meal or cleaning up after a meal can be acts of love. Love is something you give freely not expecting anything in return. The really cool thing is that when both spouses give freely to each other out of a loving heart, they can have the most satisfying and fulfilling relationship that far surpasses anything Satan tries to deceive with. 

There are many good things one can do to help themselves overcome an addiction. There may even be a Christian based support group in your area or a Christian counselor whom God can use to help and guide you. 

Sexuality infidelity whether it be through pornography or an actual affair is one of the most destructive forces to a couple. It is murderous to the divine nature of a couple's union. What was once a beautiful, innocent union of complete trust, true intimacy of opening one's own guarded soul to their mate, is dashed in betrayal and lies that seem to murder one's own soul and spirit. That is what Satan has to offer when all the glitter blows away. 

A friend of mine once said "How could anyone not like Jesus Christ?" Anyone who has taken the time to read the Gospels can see that there is nothing to not like about Jesus Christ. There is everything to love about him. 

It is easy to love a good and loving person. As we seek to allow God to work His nature in us, our marriages become the blessing and powerhouse that God has intended all along. 

A mistake that many women make is that if they are blessed to have a Pastor who is a real Pastor and who demonstrates the love of Jesus Christ, they may find themselves attracted to him because of his loving nature. It is essential that a Pastor and his wife be bonded together in the Love of Jesus Christ and be totally dedicated to each other. The wife of a good Pastor  can't be an easy job. She has to have to have a lot of Godly love and understanding in her heart for others too. 

A Pastor and his wife need to work together as spiritual partners. There is a great responsibly they have to their flock. They may have to work harder than the average Christian to be as close to God as possible, feeding their spirits with the things that are of God so that they are able to be guided by God and have the discernment necessary to protect their flock. A strong Pastor and wife need to be solid in knowing the promises of God, strong in knowing what rights we have through Jesus Christ and the faith to stand on those promises in the face of the enemy. 

Congregations, pray, pray, pray for your Pastors and their families. 

As I have said before, whether we like it or not, whether we think it is fair or not, the fact is that there is a war going on. There are no civilians in this war. Armor up. Get used to using that sword of the spirit. The more you use it, the more sure you will become of it's power to defeat the enemy. That is what faith is all about. You will not doubt the power of God's Word which is Law. The same goes for prayer. The more you see the effects of your prayers in action, the more faith you have in the power of prayer. Use prayer and the sword of the spirit together. This will strengthen your spirit and your faith while weakening and defeating the enemy. 

Dan asks me to revisit a previous topic 41:20 
I had said previously that when my small group attended the charismatic Christian church that we brought in with us some of Luicifer's top brass. Dan asks me if his perception of what I had said was true, that those entities were not in a physical form, but in a spiritual manifestation residing in our general atmosphere projecting their evil and energies. I confirm that his perception is correct. I went on to say that the entities who accompanied us were some of Lucifer's most powerful. The one chosen as "The Christ" was often with us as were some ascended masters. Many of the beings that came in from Arcturus were regulars with my group when we were in that church. One of the highest military ranking Arcturian, "Ramiel" or "Rommel" was often with our group. He was one of the first Arcturians to come in. He came in to set up the ground work necessary before bringing in more of the troops for the last stages of Lucifer's plan which we are in right now.  

Years later, after I had left the hierarchy,  I looked up the name "Ramiel" and found that "Ramiel" means "Thunder of God".  Interestingly, Ramiel was very much like thunder in his personality. He was bold, loud, thunderous and intimidating. He was not at all compassionate, merciful or loving. It was because his personality and that of Ai, (the first one to come to our realm), was so contrary to Godliness that I first began to question the benevolence of the whole hierarchy. Another interesting find is that one of the fallen watchers named in the book of Enoch is "Ramiel". All this has me wondering if there is a connection. 

I mention how the ascended masters have the capability to manifest physically for short periods of time. I give a couple of examples of my mother's experiences. Ascended masters and other non human members of Satan's hierarchy not only have the ability to manifest in physical form, but they can look human and interact with humans. They can also appear as angels of God. 

No one needs to go to the point of suspicion of thinking there is a demon behind every bush or under every rock. A very important thing to know and remember is that servants of Satan don't like to be around true Godly prayer and praise. Focus on having true worship in your church. Worship God as you go through your day. The more familiar you are with the Spirit of God, the easier it is to discern what is of God and what is not of God. Servants of Satan do not like to be around an atmosphere of prayer and praise. Not only that, it takes much more energy for them to stay in that presence. 

Dan Duval makes a point from his own experiences that show that evil spirits do recognize true spiritual authority that's given by God and respond to that. 

I give my own example of demons not being able to handle the presence of God.  About five years ago I began attending a non-denominational Christian church where the majority of that large church congregation were in genuine beautiful praise of God in every service. I would venture to say that most of the people who attended that church followed Jesus Christ to the best of their ability everyday. 

I spent as much time in that church as I could. Because of their accredited college courses taught right there in that church, I took advantage of those too. I was in that church for hours at a time and often 7 days a week. 

My mind control programming from my childhood had already been unraveling, but being in the presence of so much of the Spirit of God, was something that the demons who guarded some of my programming just couldn't take. These demons had managed to go undetected all of my life. If this experience had not happened to me, I might have trouble believing it could happen to anyone else. There is much I can tell about all of what happened to me and of my experiences in that church, but for now I will mention only part of what happened. I plan to write more at a later date since I feel this information of my personal experiences can be helpful to a lot of people. 

People may think there is nothing that happens spiritually or in the supernatural when someone is reading scripture aloud right out of the Bible. I can tell you that it is my personal experience that the demons in me began to react causing my body to shake and convulse. There were times when I had fierce battles where I had to fight what felt like a demon on the inside of me and a demon on the outside of me simultaneously working together to try to throw me on the floor. 

One of the most alarming experiences was when a demon was being being forced out by my new lifestyle of being around so much prayer, praise and hearing God's Word spoken. I was "freaked" and repulsed when I could actually see the demon being forced out of my side. I sensed that I would need back up support of a strong Christian to help me with this one. I quickly made an appointment with the female Pastor at that church who had helped me before. 

When I sat down in her office I asked her to pray with me to help me get rid of the demon. Before she had the chance to pray, the demon began to talk to me trying to reason with me. I was telling the Pastor what it was telling me. It told me that it had been with me all of my life and told me without him, I would be lost and not know what to do since he had been with me from the beginning of my life. He wanted me to believe that without him I would be much like a blank slate.  Believe it or not, I actually gave in. When a demon is in someone they can work on a person from the inside on deeper levels than just words to the intellect. 

Thank God my Pastor knew what to say that shook me back to reality. When I told her what the demon had said, my Pastor without flinching and without a pause fired back the question that Dr. Phil so often asks people, "So, how's that been working for you?" It only took me a second to scan my life and see what a mess it had been. Upon that realization, I burst into laughter.  (With "friends" like that demon who needs enemies?) 

The Pastor and I prayed together to finally rid myself of the demon. The Pastor asked me first if I wanted to have the demon cast out of me. I said yes. She asked me if I wanted her to pray with me to do this. I said yes. She led me in a prayer where I told the demon to get out. I remember that when the Pastor was leading me in prayer, me choosing to repeat her words, that when she got to the mention of the blood of Jesus Christ, that I felt the demon fight me and not wanting me to say those words. At first I couldn't say the words. The Pastor repeated the phrase again. I tried again to say "in the name of Jesus Christ and his shed blood on the cross." That time I was able to say the words, but not without stumbling over them. Realizing there was demonic resistance, I made myself try again to say those words. I was successful. The demon had to go. 

Next in this program, Dan Duval takes the topic back to church infiltration. He mentions again of when my mother was able to recruit a pastor to Satanic doctrine. Dan brings up the point that God appoints leadership which is supposed to be a blessing to our lives, but in the case where a Pastor is recruited to Luciferian doctrine and still pastoring a church, that such a Pastor is no longer positioned to be a tool in the hand of God and a blessing spiritually to their people. Such would be more like a wolf in sheep's clothing than anything else.

Some "pastors" are real wolves who have been set in place to destroy good people. 

I will be back to add more notes as soon as I can. At this point in the notes I have added, I am barely half way through this interview. At the end of my final notes, I will give a summary of all the events and experiences which worked together to bring me to the point where I chose to find a way to free myself from Lucifer and his evil spiritual hierarchy and how God answered my prayer to help me. 

Please heed these words from an anonymous listener:

"I agree with you about been sure your children are safe at all times. Places like the bathroom at a church when the adults are preoccupied are a place kids are vulnerable to be preyed on. Make sure your child is safe at all times. And if a child is scared of some adult or voices a concern, don't pass it over, as a silly child's fears. Find out what they're scared off. Most of all ask God for help, for wisdom in understanding and protecting your children and his unfailing protection over you and your children." 

My thanks goes out to the anonymous listener who sent me this comment. May God Bless you and may your words be received by many.



I, Carolyn Hamlett, am no longer affiliated with Daniel Duval, BRIDE Ministries, The Fire Place Church, nor can I recommend them. 
(1st public announcement on 11/04/16) 

I refer you to this article:

Friday, August 23, 2013

Fritz Springmeier Interview on "The Edge Broadcast" with Daniel Ott

Fritz Springmeier joins Daniel Ott on "The Edge Broadcast" and discusses the Bloodlines of the Illuminati is a unique historical genealogical detail, providing a devastating exposé of the people and families who are THE movers and shakers of the United States and the entire world. You will recognize some of the names instantly. Many names have been purposely hidden from mainstream view. From international finance to war, presidents and dictators alike pay heed to these people. "Influence" doesn't even come close to describing their power. They have plans for you. Who are they? Author, Fritz Springmeier provides a wealth of material and inside information based on eyewitnesses. His outstanding research provides facts that are not available elsewhere. When you finish watching this interview, the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and you'll see the fascinating big picture. You will know who actually runs the New World Order conspiracy, and who is in the Illuminati. You may discover for yourself why Bloodlines of the Illuminati was a bestseller in Japan, a nation which thrives on detail.

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Fritz Springmeier validates my personal story several times during this interview.

Thank you Fritz!

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