Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Secret Space Program

by Carolyn Hamlett

Those who are using the above rendition are using it without my permission and are using it to promote things that I have been exposing as lies created by the authors of "The Plan".   

NOTE: From Carolyn Hamlett (5/23/2015) 

It has come to my attention that recently people (Dr. Michael Salla, David Wilcox, Corey Goode) have been posting my rendition of the trapezoid building and claiming that others have also seen this same building.  I have looked at some of these posts. One quick clarification I want to make now is that I was not an abductee being taken to the building on the lunar surface as is being falsely reported by people who obviously have not listened to my interview.  I was part of a crew. I also remember plenty of what went on inside the building some of which I shared on this program "Secret Space Program with Gonz Shimura & Carolyn Hamlett on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval", which aired on January 22, 2015

The best way to hear my story is to hear it from me, not from someone who doesn't know me, has never  even contacted me and clearly didn't even listen to what I shared in this interview!

For those who are interested in the truth of what I have to say about my experiences, Listen to my June 3rd interview on Revolution Radio with Zen Garcia "Momentary Zen". 

The Secret Space Program with Gonz Shimura & Carolyn Hamlett (Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval)‬ aired 1/22/2015

This is a must listen to program!  In this program, Gonz Shimura brings to the table many fascinating facts which paint an accurate picture of what has been going on in secret for many years. 

I am introduced at the 43:54 mark of this interview.

(Just a few days after this program aired, I was followed by a very ballsy person who made sure I knew I was being followed. I had to wonder if there was a connection to what I made public on this interview.)

These are some of the things I talk about on this program:

Secret space program-children chosen for:
In this program I talk about a lot of things that involve my experience from early childhood that involves the secret space program. Children like myself who had the mental aptitude, strong physical condition and ability to astral were valuable to the secret programs.

Trapezoid lunar building:
I talk about a mission to trapezoid lunar building and tell of some of what went on inside of that building including a council of humans who hold positions of global power here on earth. In an upcoming interview with Zen Garcia “Momentary Zen” on June 3rd, I will reveal who it was who gave me the information about the construction of this unique building and who actually is in charge. 

The transporter:
In this interview with Gonz Shimura, I mention about a transporter and how over a year ago as I was finishing writing about this transporter a helicopter started buzzing my home and I became very ill and was very sick for hours. 

On my next interview on “Momentary Zen” with Zen Garcia, June 3rd 8-10 pm Eastern, I will read to the listening audience what I had written that day over a year ago about the transporter. http://freedomslips.com/  Studio B

My original article post of January 27th, 2015 begins here:

Some of you reading this may be familiar with the series of programs that Dan Duval and I did together as a means to share some of the highlights of my testimony.  

Since then, Dan has given me the opportunity to share a part of my past that I didn’t talk about in the series of interviews. 

Part of that past involves the topic of space exploration and secret space programs which was the topic for Dan Duval’s last week’s program with special guest, Gonz Shimura. 

I want to thank Dan Duval and Gonz Shimura for being gracious enough to provide time for me on that show, to divulge to the public some of the details of my own experiences relating to the topic of secret space programs. 

The above picture is my creation from my memory.  I put the picture together to illustrate what I have seen with physical eyes while aboard a lunar bound craft with other humans.  The trapezoid shaped building was our destination.

My first thought when I saw this structure was of it’s unique and significant shape, that of a de-capped pyramid and how much in architecture it reminded me of the Pentagon as seen in aerial photographs. 

Therefore, I chose a portion of an aerial photograph of the Pentagon to best illustrate the architecture of the actual building I saw on the moon.

The rendition I have created is very much like the view I had as the craft I was in was making it’s approach.  However, the actual building on the lunar surface does not have an inner court yard. 

I will be back with that story in more detail for you to read here on my blog.

The Secret Space Program with Dan Duval, Gonz Shimura and Carolyn Hamlett

Gonz Shimura is the director and producer of Age of Deceit and Age of Deceit 2.  
He maintains his personal blog at www.facelikethesun.com

Be sure to check out his regularly updating youtube page at www.youtube.com/user/facelikethesun

He is also the co-host of Canary Cry Radio and you can listen to him and Basil at www.canarycryradio.com.



I, Carolyn Hamlett, am no longer affiliated with Daniel Duval, BRIDE Ministries, The Fire Place Church, nor can I recommend them. 



Carolyn Hamlett on Revolutionary Radio with Rob Skiba

A series of 4 back-to-back programs on Revolutionary Radio with Rob Skiba and Carolyn Hamlett. Subjects on Mind Control, the New World Order, the Illuminati, things concerning the spiritual realm and more.  We tackle subjects ranging from how programming is done and undone, to elements of my testimony as a former “Illumined One”. 


I, Carolyn Hamlett, am no longer affiliated with Daniel Duval, BRIDE Ministries, The Fire Place Church, nor can I recommend them. (1st public announcement on 11/04/16)

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